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Pharmaceutical Medication Tracking API Services
TruMedicines combines the power of Neural Network Image Recognition with the unlimited scale of Mobile phone and Big Data Services. 
Pattern Image Recognition
DeepPill Capsule Neural Network
TruMedicines uses advanced Capsule Neural Network image processing to identify Billions of registered pill images.
FDA Guidance 
Colored Excipients in solid dose
2011 Oct FDA Guidance recommends the use of colored excipients for identification and prevention of counterfeiting.
2013 Drug Security Act
Pharmaceutical Tracking by 2020
Implement verification measures: Verify the drug is what it claims to be. Within 24 hours of a request from the dispenser to the manufacturer or repackager
High Speed Pill Cameras
30 years of Photographing Pills 
High speed cameras verify quality of capsules and pills in 2,500 production lines around the world. Pill images are uploaded to Microsoft Azure Servers for comparison.
Opioid Treatment Tracking
Suboxone compliance is monitored
Compliance with drug treatment programs can monitor hundreds of patients at a fraction of the cost of traditional 30 day in-service treatment programs. Stops Relapse
DeepPill open Source API
Pill identification can be used by IOT 
TruMedicines open source API interface allows 3rd party developers to integrate pill identification into advanced hardware hololens, glasses, or devices with cameras.
Mobile App Development SDK Industry Standard Integration
Mobile Phone Identification of Medications with DeepPill
TruMedicines DeepPill SDK provides easy JSON, C#, Java, TXT, interfaces for integration to existing Mobile Healthcare apps. Our secure encrypted data transfer schema supports secure data transmission to Medical Healthcare Record software including: eClinicalWorks, McKesson, Cerner, Allscripts, Athena health, GE Healthcare, EPIC, Care360.
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TruMedicines Data Services
TruMedicines subscription based services allows maximum flexibility for our customers needs. Each element of the subscription service can be chosen from a list of available data services. 
Access to DeepPill Recognizer
+ API documentaion
+ Mobile App Guides
+ Flexible pay per call
+ Annual Subscription
USD$ 990/mo
+ GPS Tracking of Pills
+ Big Data Dashboard
+ 24/7Inventory Tracking
+ Recall Notifications
USD$ 4,900/mo
Turn Key 
+Mobile App Deployment
+Product Image capture
+GPS tracking of Pills
+Recall Notifications
USD$ 8,990/mo

The Team

David Prokop
Founder / CEO
- 16 years Microsoft  Dev XBOX  Kinect
- Int’l Hard/Software Dev PM
- 25 Patents, 11 Licensees
- BSc. Univ of Waterloo, Canada
John Blackmon
Director of Software Engineering
Directs and oversees the software engineering function in developing, releasing, and maintaining software applications/operating systems according to business needs.
Jessica Whitehouse
Director of Database Admin
Directs and oversees the Global Database Management function in developing, releasing, and maintaining 24/7 access to Global software applications/operating systems.