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TeleHealth Meds Vitamin Herbal Home Appliance
Drug and Vitamin Packet Tracking API Services
The 2013 Drug Security Act requires by 2022, a drug or pill packets distributor to report all product locations within 24 hours of an adverse event.

TruMedicines Vitamin Dispenser combines the power of Machine Learning Neural Network Image Recognition with the unlimited scale of Cloud Network Services, to track millions of vitamin packets instantly using GPS coordinates worldwide. Our text to speech can make drugs accessible to everyone, it insures quality, improves adherence to program, improves satisfaction, authenticates the accurate packaging of Vitamin packets, and provides instant inventory GPS locations for vitamin recalls.         
TruMedicines is the recipient of Dept of Health and Human Services - FDA Grant #1R43FD006302-01 Project Title: Development of TruMedicines Recognition Authentication Cloud Intelligence For Drug Product Surveillance Software Solutions to Address FDA Post-Marketing Drug Surveillance Challenges Opioid Addiction   
Micro Pattern Image Recognition
DeepPill Image Recognition Neural Network
TruMedicines uses advanced Image Recognition Ai processing to identify millions of Vitamin packets images. Method protected by U.S. and International Patents.
FDA Guidance 
Track/trace/authenticate Vitamin Packets
2011 Oct FDA Guidance recommends the use of colored excipients for identification and quality assurance.
Pharmaceutical Tracking by 2022
FDA 2020 Recalls all product to be located within 24 hours. We recommend all vitamins to be registered in an image database
High Speed Cameras
30 years of Photographing Pills 
High speed cameras verify quality of vitamins and supplements in 2,500 production lines.360 degree photos 2,000/min., 100%inspection, images uploaded to cloud databases
Pill Packet Tracking
Patient Vitamin Adherence is Webpage monitored
Vitamin Packet Tracking monitors hundreds of remote Telemedicine patients at a fraction of the cost.
DeepPill open Source API
Vitamin identification is used in Vitamin packet Dispensers 
TruMedicines DeepPill image recognition API interface allows app developers to integrate Vitamin Packet recognition into hardware; Vitamin Packaging, Smart Pill dispensers, etc.


FDA Requires Drug & Medical Device Tracking by 2022
Machine vision for Pharma   CFR - Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 Sec. 206.10 Code imprint required.

Advanced Ai Traci Avatar Assistant provides a friendly interactive conversation asking and answering questions while dispensing Vitamins. Traci can document frequency of key words such as headache, pain, nausea, and mental health; anger, sadness, etc. All data is securely encrypted and compliant with HIPAA and the 2013 Drug Security Act. (Track/Trace/Authenticate). Insurance & Medicare coverage CPT codes 99453, 99454, 99457, 99458, 99473, 99474, 99607, 99490,(53 temporary COVID billing codes)

Medical Devices UDI tracking required by 2022